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Digital Forensic Investigators’ Skills are Critical as Investigations Grow More Complex

Robert Bond

Digital forensic evidence is playing a larger role in determining the guilt or innocence of defendants in both civil and criminal matters. As technology captures movement, messages, photos, and the vast majority of what is done on laptops, smartphones, and tablets, it’s increasingly difficult for criminals to cover their digital tracks.

Good guys working together

Ken Mizota

In my role at Guidance Software as a product manager, I have a fun job. Every day, I get to come into the office and work with some of the best and brightest engineers who build tools for the most brilliant digital investigators in the world. I get to meet investigators in government, law enforcement and corporations, our customers, who do the good work of investigating crime, fraud and general wrongdoing. Working with talented, focused people is rewarding. Working with talented focused people for a good cause is downright enjoyable.