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Feature Spotlight: SED Unlock with EnCase & WinMagic SecureDoc

Ken Mizota

Self-encrypting drives represent a very specific problem for digital investigators. The direction of technology is clear: within the next few years, strong encryption will be baked into the silicon of every hard drive from every major manufacturer. Self-encrypting drives (SED) offer greater data security than traditional full-disk encryption in that the data stored is always encrypted at rest and the keys to decrypt the data never leave the device, which means they cannot be practically brute-forced through traditional means.

SEDs render “cold boot” and “evil maid” attacks useless and offer instant encryption and crypto-erase when a drive needs to be repurposed. SEDs are very attractive, but present significant obstacles to traditional disk-based forensics. In this post, we’ll walk through how EnCase 7.10 works with WinMagic SecureDoc to enable forensic investigation of self-encrypting drives.

Open for Business: Proactive Discovery Joins Technology Alliance Program

Jason Fredrickson

This week we celebrate bringing Proactive Discovery, a leader in the high-tech crime investigations and e-discovery services markets, into our Guidance Software Technology Alliance Program. I’m delighted to have Martin Siefert and his team as part of the alliance. They are sharp developers with deep expertise developing apps that extend our core EnCase® technology–and that make a difference to investigators and information security professionals every day.

Proactive Discovery has a proven record of developing custom EnCase solutions to solve specific challenges faced by their customers, ranging from forensic tools to custom data carvers to enterprise incident-response tools and more. Integrating their work with EnCase is a great example of how we’re proving what our CEO, Victor Limongelli, said in his welcome keynote at CEIC 2013 last May: Guidance Software and EnCase are “open for business.”