Help for the Help Desk: Announcing EnCase® Remote Recovery + for Fast, Remote File Recovery

When a sales director on another continent needs a contract file un-deleted—stat!—who’s she gonna call? IT help desk. Problem is, that usually means she needs to ship her laptop to headquarters or someone from IT has to get on a plane, train, or automobile. And both of those options require taking her offline when every moment of downtime could lose her a deal.

Enter EnCase® Remote Recovery +.

EnCase Remote Recovery +

We listened to our customers and then took a long, hard look at the kinds of tools available on the market today for key IT help desk challenges, such as:
  • The frequent--and often urgent--request to recover files from remote devices
  • Having to take users offline to recover files
  • Needing to either travel or have the system in question shipped to help desk staff
  • Having no way to remotely troubleshoot system configuration and network connectivity problems
  • The need to support an unlimited number of endpoint devices on a limited tools budget
Turns out there were no tools on the market that could solve all of these problems--not all the problems at once, and not without buying a copy for each end user being supported. We knew that our EnCase products have these key capabilities built into their supporting technology. So we created EnCase Remote Recovery + to enable IT help desk staff and system administrators to do all of these things securely, remotely, and affordably--at one, low price:
  • Remotely restore or undelete files, folders, and directories
  • Easily copy files from remote systems regardless of operating system (we cover Windows, Linux, HP-UX, Macintosh OS X, Unix, AIX, Solaris, and NetWare out of the box)
  • Remotely create live diagnostic snapshots of system information
  • Keep users online while you work
Although it's based on the industry-standard product for internal investigations, EnCase® Enterprise, EnCase Remote Recovery + is designed to be easy to use, with no formal training or forensic expertise required. 

Why not share this blog post with a colleague at your IT help desk? We have a great free trial offer, and he or she can download EnCase Remote Recovery + today.

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